Louisiana Squirrel Cookout

Squirrel Tradition

Our alligator hunter welcomed us to a squirrel cookout in the swamps, with the whole family. They served squirrel stew over rice and cole slaw, and to our surprise, it was indeed delicious - one of the best game dishes I've tasted yet. The taste lies somewhere between rabbit and game bird.

In certain West-Louisiana communities, the opening of squirrel hunting season is an affair that brings daily life to a halt. Elementary schools close, cause children and grandchildren are out hunting, en masse. People look forward to eating squirrel all year, as it's considered quite the delicacy.

Recipe: Squirrel in Red Gravy

-Enough squirrels to fill a pot (substitute rabbit where squirrel hunting is not an option)
-Green bell pepper
-Smoked sausage, preferably andouille

Skin, gut & clean the squirrels and chop them into even pieces. Brown them in some butter or oil in a Dutch oven.

Remove the squirrel, and fry the vegetables until tender. Add the squirrel and chopped smoked sausage (andouille is the Louisiana favorite).

Let the squirrel simmer on a low heat, adding water as needed, until tender. About four hours should do it. Season to taste and serve with rice and homemade coleslaw.