European VS American Style

There has always been a divide between European and American hunting traditions. For centuries, hunting was an occupation of the elite in Europe, and the traditions and etiquette that arose with it reflect that. In the US on the other hand, hunting has always been of the people, and everyman's sport. Nowadays American hunting style is strongly characterized by lots and lots of camouflage.

The almost military-looking getups of the hunters in these photos is more pomp and circumstance than anything else. It can come across as an agressive look, but they hunt pretty much like everyone else. US hunters just love their Realtree camo. European hunters prefer to dress down, in solid colors.

Orange VS Green

There is no real concensus on what deer do and do not see, but apparently camouflage is mostly necessary to break up the human shape, not for color. Therefore, orange is considered just as effective as green.

Safety First

Whatever the style, in circumstances where other hunters might be in the area, wearing blaze orange is always a priority.

Outdoor Stores

I couldn't help myself, and grew to love Realtree camo. Yes, I bought all of this, except the hat. When traveling in the US, you can find this stuff in hunting shops everywhere, just look for 'outdoor sporting' stores.

Duck camo

With a duck's keen eyesight, it takes a good effort in camouflage to catch one. A suit like this will make you blend into the duckweed while you stake out on the waterside.