Camp Grooming

No electricity or running water meant no showers for a week. Though I'm not averse to a little improvising, I was kind of worried about my hair getting greasy and looking disgusting.

To my surprise, there was something about the mountain air that kept it completely clean. Still, after a week of wearing hunting gear and napping in the dirt, I was in for the best shower of my life.

Elk Heart Breakfast

The first elk that is caught in the hunt, is celebrated by eating the heart. This heart was sliced into strips and sauteed in a cast-iron skillet. It was so large that it fed 8 grown men and 2 women.

Wild elk meat is incredibly tender and tastes fairly similar to beef, as elk feed on grasses too. The elk that is sold in restaurants however, isn't wild meat, but farmed, and the taste does not quite compare.